This pre-course is offered in a live half-day format on Saturday September 16, 8:30 – 17:30 at the Congress center in Barcelona.


  • To refresh participants with key concepts of geriatric emergency medicine.
  • To orientate participants with the EUSEM GeriEM course package.
  • To train participants to deliver the EUSEM GeriEM course.


The number of older patients requiring Emergency Department care is rising. Many of these older patients live with frailty and are consequently at risk of adverse outcomes. Caring for older people living with frailty is complex and often uncomfortable. However, frailty is now so prevalent that all emergency clinicians require core skills in geriatric emergency medicine.

For over five years, the EUSEM GeriEM course has trained participants in key concepts of geriatric emergency medicine. This learning should not be restricted to participants attending the annual EUSEM Congress, and so the course has been developed as a teaching package for wider delivery.

The aim of this train-the-trainer course is for experienced healthcare professionals to be oriented with materials and feel confident to deliver the EUSEM GeriEM course in their own institutions.


Course Director: Jacinta Lucke, NL

  • James van Oppen, UK
  • Áine Mitchell, IE
  • Arjun Thaur, UK
  • Pieter Heeren, BE

For who

Emergency Clinicians (doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc) with at least 5 years postgraduate experience providing GeriEM care.

Educational Material

To be provided prior to the course:

GeriEM course information pack (background reading provided for the course)

GeriEM course tutor pack

To be provided during the course:

The slides and handouts will be provided


The costs for this course are
€ 230* for physicians
€ 130* for nurses, paramedics

*All prices exclusing VAT

Please register through your MyEUSEM account by clicking on the EUSEM Congress registration button. From the Pre-courses tab you can select the pre-courses you would like to join.


Time                      Topic                                                            

08:30–08:45         General introduction (program, general notices)              

08:45–09:30         Overview of the course programme and initial lecture on frailty and key GeriEM concepts

09:30-09:50          Preparing for the GeriEM course (before, during, after)

09:50-10:45           Circuit 1: scenarios 1 & 2

10:45-11:15            Coffee break

11:15-12:15             Circuit 1: table top discussions 1 & 2

12:15-12:45 Round-up: delivering Circuit 1

12:45-13:45 Lunch break

13:45-14:45 Circuit 2: scenarios 3 & 4

14:45-15:45 Circuit 2: table top discussions 3 & 4

15:45-16:15 Coffee Break

16:15-16:45 Round-up: delivering Circuit 2

16:45-17:05 Delivering the summary session

17:05-17:25 Summary, questions, and discussions

Time                      Topic                                                            

08:30 – 08:40         General introduction (program, general notices)              

08:40 – 09:00         General introduction into Geriatric Emergency Medicine

09:00-10:40            Working groups 4×25 minutes

                                    Station 1: scenario

                                    Station 2: scenario

                                    Station 3: Table top discussion

                                    Station 4: Table top discussion

10:40-11:00            Coffee break

11:00-12:40            Working groups 4×25 minutes

                                    Station 1: Scenario

                                    Station 2: Scenario

                                    Station 3: Table top discussion

                                    Station 4: Table top discussion

12:40-12:55            Summary of key-learning points

12:55-13:00            Closing & evaluation