Welcome to the EUSEM Congress

Are you working in an emergency medicine environment? Then this is the congress for you

The European Emergency Medicine Congress (EUSEM 2022) is an annual congress for healthcare professionals working in emergency medicine. The congress attracts over 3000 Emergency Medicine specialists from around the world. There are opportunities to learn about the new developments in emergency medicine, share best practices and network with like minded people.

As well as didactic lectures, the congress also hosts hands on workshops and team led education through special events like the SIM Cup. This year’s highlights include a spotlight on prehospital and disaster medicine with special sessions for paramedics. A focus will be made on ground breaking research, we encourage research groups to present their latest practice changing data. EUSEM supports the education and professional development of young doctors through its YEMD track programme. There’s a number of sessions and specialized events for the young doctors organized by the YEMD section.

As well as being a highly valued educational congress, there are many opportunities to network with peers, colleagues and friends, to discuss new projects, to catch up on recent events and make new friends and colleagues.

If it is your first time at the congress, you will not be disappointed. If you are regular to the congress, this is the highlight of your year!

See you in Berlin!

Program Highlights

This years programme will focus on breaking research, clinical excellence and innovative formats. Hands-on workshops will be part of the scientific program.

New data will be put in the spotlight with this years focus on research abstracts. A showcase of the research will be given in oral and poster presentations.

Hands-on 1,5 hour workshops will be offered during the scientific program, that can be part of pre- and post educational activities.


Collaboration with the DGINA

Each year the Congress is organised in collaboration with the National Emergency Medicine Society of the hosting country. This year it’s with the German Society for Emergency Medicine (DGINA). The annual DGINA Congress will be integrated in the German track of the EUSEM Congress. DGINA is an interdisciplinairy society so this track will be interesting for German speaking nurses, paramedics and physicians. Please see the menu under DGINA for more information.


EUSEM activities will be put in the spotlight like EUSEM’s Research Network. We give you the opportunity to get engaged in EUSEM’s activities and create longlasting worldwide networks and collaboration for the development of EM.

Clinical excellence will be displaid during the SIMCUP, the thrilling famous full scale simulation competition.

The ETR (European Training Requirements) track of the scientific program is focussing on education by covering topics from the EM curriculum by the best expert teachers. This is especially interesting to trainees and students.

There will be a special track for nurses, a special track for paramedics and a track in the German language.


Important dates



For who?

This Congress is for anyone working or interested in Emergency Medicine.

  • Physicians,
  • Nurses,
  • Paramedics,
  • Technicians,
  • Trainees,
  • Students

Let’s come together and meet, teach, learn, develop and have fun in the name of EM!