EUSEM 2023 Media Coverage Overview

The six press releases on research presented at the European Emergency Medicine Congress resulted in the publication of more than 3.4k news reports.
The overall number of readers of these outlets amounts to 3.4bn, which resulted in:



There was media coverage in all continents and coverage was spread across 69 different countries. Top countries were the UK, the US, France, India and Spain.
Coverage appeared in 30 different languages. Top languages of publications were English, French, Spanish, German and Greek.

News reports coverage by topic

Research on bystander CPR, by Sylvie Cossette gained the most coverage, including
reports on:
New York Post (75m readers), Daily Mail (42m) and La Vanguardia (26m).

Research by Hidde ten Berg on ChatGPT gained almost as much coverage,
including reports in:
Indian News18 (126m), the Sun (70m) and the Independent (33m).

Coverage for sepsis research, by Silke Piedmont included: The Guardian (33m) and French News-24 (6m). Coverage of Drew Richardson’s alcohol research included:
the Daily Mail and the Independent.

Ossi Hannula’s work on DVT was covered by:
The Telegraph (68m) and the Express (40m) among others.

And coverage for the study on opioid prescribing, by Raoul Daoust included La Vanguardia and the Telegraph.

Many of the news reports included contextual quotes from Congress Chair Youri Yordanov.