The European Leadership for Emergency Medicine (LeadEM) Programme

“The difference between a boss and a leader is that a boss says ‘Go’ while the leader says ‘Let’s go!” – E.M.Kelly


An exciting blended learning programme designed for emergency physicians wanting to establish and build upon their leadership skills with a combination of educational methods.

On completion of the Programme, delegates will be provided with a Certificate of Completion of the European Lead EM Programme combining almost 23 hrs of teaching and reflection in total.

Elearning on the EUSEM Academy

10 online eModule lectures from expert international faculty with opportunity for reflection and further reading.


In order to obtain a place at the face to face Pre-Congress workshop, delegates must have firstly completed the online set of 10 eModules on the EuSEM Academy website and attained the online certification. These eModules will provide the core knowledge required for the workshop. The workshop itself will be a set of simulated scenarios that will require active discussion and problem solving by the delegates.

Live session

Innovative simulated scenarios and debriefing to reinforce key mental models for leadership development on Saturday September 16, 08:30 – 18:30 CEST


The objectives with this blended learning approach are to provide ;

  1. An overview of the key models of leadership required for leading the Emergency Dept (ED) team
  2. An understanding of the skills required to care for yourself and your team
  3. The skills required to lead on key aspects of healthcare change in the challenging environment of an emergency care system.
  4. A learning development journey with online lectures and webinars supported by a full day workshop that will explore and solve real world ED problems with a highly experienced international faculty.


The inaugural European Leadership for Emergency Medicine (Lead EM) Programme will combine :

  • Online lectures and further reading materials
  • A full face-to-face workshop with an international faculty to discuss and manage real world problems.

For who?

Whether you are a senior trainee, a new Consultant/ Attending emergency physician or an established Head of Service we believe you will find this a valuable, stimulating and enjoyable experience – so join us.

Please note, places are limited to 40 delegates for this Programme.

Educational material

Reading materials will be provided as part of the web based lecture phase of the programme.

Further reading materials and answers to the simulated scenarios will be provided at the end of the Course.


The course is formed around the following modules:

  1. Building your leadership journey – Taj Hassan
  2. What makes a good leader – Models of leadership – John Heyworth
  3. Caring for the team – Anna Spiteri
  4. Communicating in the ED – Katherine Henderson
  5. Understanding and delivering quality in an organization – Ian Higginson
  6. Improving team performance – Colin Graham
  7. Creating vision and delivering successful change – Fergal Hickey
  8. Managing and resolving conflict – Hannelore Raemen
  9. Leading an educational strategy for your ED – Cornelia Hartel
  10. Creating the right culture & diversity for your system – Priyadarshini Marathe


Registration Fee: 230EUR* excluding VAT

*All prices exclusing VAT. The registration for the elearning is not included and will open separately in May 2023. Please follow this page for information.

To register and submit application:

  • Go to Create a MyEUSEM account, (if you do not have one).
  • Log in to your MyEUSEM account and scroll down and click on the button for EM Leadership Programme.
  • Complete the application.
  • Once the application has been processed, you will be contacted to pay the registration fee.


0830 – 0900 Welcome, introductions

0900 – 0915 Explaining the day – Scenarios, simulation & bringing your ‘A game’ for the team today !

0915 – 0945 Session 1:
“ I want to have a great career in EM – but how? “
(Building your leadership journey).

0945 1015 Session 2:     
“I am the shift Emergency Physician in Charge (EPIC) today – please help me!“
(Models of leadership )

1015 – 1045 Session 3:
“He seemed like a really great boss. I don’t know why he is reacting like that?”
(Caring for the team)

1045 – 1115 Coffee break

1115 – 1145 Session 4:
“How can we get this team communicating better with our patients?
(Communicating in the ED)

1145 – 1215 Session 5:
Creating change and taking the team with you.
(Improving team performence)

1215 – 1245 WRAP UP DAY 1
What did I learn today ?

1245-1345 LUNCH

1345 – 1415 Session 6: Challenges in managing a Serious Incident case with another specialty
(Understanding and delivering quality)

1415 – 1445 Session 7: Taking on leadership roles in tough environments!
(Creating vision and delivering change)

1445 – 1515 Session 8: Managing conflict in colleagues
(Managing and resolving conflict)

1515 – 1545 Session 9: Standing up for educational activities in the face of severe service pressures
(Leading an educational strategy for your ED)

1545– 1615 Coffee break

1615 – 1645 Session 10: Why is our recruitment strategy not working?
(Creating the right culture & diversity for your system)

1645 – 1715 PLENARY LECTURE The art & science of leadership – building your journey to success.

1715 – 1745 WRAP UP What did we learn from each other & how can we make it better!

1745 – 1800 Team photos