World Restart a Heart Day Competition

“All citizens of the world can save a life”. With these words, the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) launched the first global initiative – World Restart a Heart (WRAH) – to

increase public awareness and the rates of bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for victims of cardiac arrest.

EUSEM is fully supporting the mission of this day: ALL CITIZENS OF THE WORLD CAN SAVE A LIFE. To contribute to this day EUSEM is organising a CRP teaching competition.


  1. Build your own Manikin at home. All you need is a 1,5 litre bottle, a t shirt, 3 elastic bands and some filling materials, like paper: follow the simple instructions from the flyer
  2. Train general public in basic CPR according to the WRAH instructions on the flyer
  3. Film it and send a 1 minute video to to win a special price. The winners video will be presented at the opening ceremony of EUSEM22 in Berlin and will be shared on the congress website and social media channels.
  • Max 1 minute video
  • Originality is the criteria to win
  • You have to follow the 3 steps from WRAH when you give the CPR training; Check, Call, Compress

4. Share it on your socials including

#worldrestartaheart and #eusem

The deadline for submission is 10 October 2022

The winner will be chosen by a small jury of members from EUSEM, ERC and DGina.


To promote World Restart a Heart Day materials are available in many different lannguages. You can find them: HERE