Paramedics Cup

This year, we will, in cooperation with RALLYE REJVIZ, host a brand new competition for paramedics. Up to 6 teams will compete for the Paramedics Cup. The teams will be put through several scenarios in the prehospital and disaster medicine setting.

The competition will take place on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 September 12:30 to 14:00.

If you are a team of Paramedics or Emergency Medical Technicians then join us at EUSEM 2023 and shows us your skills in managing mass casualty events! The winning team will receive the Paramedics Cup!


The teams are composed of 2-4 Paramedics and/or Emergency Medical Technicians. We can only accommodate up to six teams, therefore it will be first come-first served.


Please note all team members must register to the congress. Registration to the congress can be found here


Exhibition Hall, CCIB, Barcelona Spain for Paramedic Competition


There will be two Paramedic scenarios each day related to prehospital medicine, mass casualty and trauma. The scenarios will take place in space allocated in the exhibition hall. Your team will be assessed by 2-3 judges who are paramedics and prehospital emergency medicine doctors.

Preparation notes

To help in your preparation for the competition. Please view the minimum standard of actions that need to be taken:

The EUSEM 2023 Paramedics Competition – Minimal standard of action

Triage tags and documentation for MCI:

The EUSEM 2023 Paramedics Competition – START