Organising committee EUSEM 2022

General Organising Committee

Patrick Plaisance,

Chair EUSEM Congress Organising Committee

Senad Tabakovic

Chair EUSEM Scientific Congress Organising Committee

Youri Yordanov

Chair abstract committee

Gregor Prosen

Pre-course lead

Door Lauwaert

President of the European Society for Emergency Nurses

Davi Kaur


Martin Moeckel

Chair German organising committee, DGINA

Lydia Hottenbacher

Co-Chair German organising committee, DGINA

Basak Yilmaz

Chair Young Emergency medicine Doctors

Bulut Demirel

Social Media Officer

Jim Connolly

Industry Liaison Officer

Abdo khoury

EUSEM President

Said Laribi

EUSEM Treasurer

Organising Committee support

Julia Schroeder

Industry & Precourses, MCO

Dante Meeus

Programme, EUSEM

Willemijn van Hees

Marketing & Communication, EUSEM

Natalie Ruxton

Operational, MCO

Suvi Karuranga

Precourses, EUSEM

Scientific Committee

Senad Tabakovic

Chair Scientific Congress Organising Committee

Rodrick Babakhanlou

Co-chair Scientific Congress Organising Committee

Christian Hohenstein

Co-Chair Scientific Congress Organising Committee

Eric Revue

Lead Pre-hospital track

Rianne Oostenbrink

Lead Paediatric track

Roberto Velasco Zuniga

Co-lead Paediatric track

Wilhelm Behringer

Board Liaison

Gregor Prosen

Lead ETR-Track (European Training Requirements)

Christian Wrede

Scientific lead DGINA

Rajan Somasundaram

Scientific co-lead DGINA

Steve Photiou

Lead Disaster track

Jochen Bergs

Lead Nurses track

Djan Meseli

Lead Young doctors track

Youri Yordanov

Lead Abstracts track

Scientific Committee support

Dante Meeus

Invited speakers programme, EUSEM

Viviane Barbarisi

Abstracts programme, MCO