Debriefing in simulated emergency medicine situations


This pre-course is offered in a hybrid format.

Virtual session: Tuesday, October 4

Live session: Saturday, October 15, 8:30-18:30 cet


  • To learn techniques and framework of debriefing in simulation and professional situations
  • To practice debriefing with special feedback from peers and faculty


During this hybrid workshop you will learn how to conduct a debriefing of a learning situation in emergency medicine, in the context of simulation-based training. You will also learn about the content, framework and outcomes of such a debriefing.

The first part of the course will be online, two weeks before the congress. It will be devoted to a theoretical reminder about debriefing framework. We will also ask you to prepare the content of a debriefing starting from a simple emergency clinical scenario and to prepare one simple and short scenario to play and debrief in Berlin. It will last half a day. You will be able to complete it whenever you want.

The second and larger part of the course will be devoted to short simulation sessions, with debriefing made by binomials. All the debriefings will be followed by a debriefing or a feedback of the debriefing.

The last part of the course will take place within the SimCup, where you will be invited to practice debriefing, in binomials, with one of the precourse trainers.

At the end of the course, you will be able to conduct debriefings on your own, and will have some resources to deepen your experience after the workshop.

The apprenticeship will be done throughout personal returns on debriefing, little conferences and several practical simulation scenarios in which every participant will have the opportunity to conduct a debriefing.


  • Guillem Bouilleau,
  • Pier Luigi Ingrasia,
  • Anne-Laure Philippon

For who

Novices or beginners with the simulation-based practice, who want to improve their debriefing’s abilities and techniques.

Educational material

4 hours of prerecorded lectures will be provided in advance.


The costs for this course are xxxx

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